• Sew masks, for yourself, for your family, friends, and community
  • Donate fabric or materials to those who are sewing:
      • go through your closet and filter through what can be donated: clothes, bed linen, etc
      • separate adequate items, wash and pre-cut fabric
      • arrange contactless pick-up/delivery of materials
  • Call local businesses who may be able to donate materials
      • fabric, thread, needles, soap
      • arrange contactless pick-up/delivery of materials
  • Bridge people who want to donate materials with people who want to sew
      • create a collaborative network in your community
  • Map local groups/organisations who may need masks
      • get in touch, ask for quantities, arrange pick-up/delivery

If you have not been hit financially by this pandemic and feel that you can contribute any financial assistance, please consider making a donation to a non-profit organisation or artist crowdfunding, and support local businesses in this moment of crisis.

If you directly want to support Lisa and her artist friends, she would rather be supported by her music making rather than her mask making. Check out her exclusive track where she has recorded a musical maskerade with her prepared singer machine, talking hats and musical handbags.

We are compiling a list of international and local (Berlin/Coimbra based) organisations that you can support. Please bear with us, and send us your suggestions 🙂


Projekt Seehilfe

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF)

Medical Volunteers

Leave no one behind


Bürgerhilfe e.V.

Emergency Relief for Queers & Womxn in Berlin

Berlin Collective Action: Nightlife Emergency Fund